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Cancer Prevention Starts with Screening

Did you know that colon cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in the United States that affects both men and women but one of the few that is PREVENTABLE? Not only does a colonoscopy screen for cancer, but cancer-causing polyps can actually be removed during the same procedure, eliminating the chance of them becoming cancerous!

You are able to schedule your own colonoscopy without a referral by contacting any of the GI providers listed below.

880 Ryland Street • Reno
(775) 329-4600 or 866-30-COLON

Juan C. Gregory, MD
Clark A. Harrison, MD
Paul Johns, PA-C
Christi A. Matteoni, MD
Daniel T. Nason, MD
Eric M. Osgard, MD
Craig M. Sande, MD

10619 Professional Circle • Reno
(775) 852-4848 or 866-30-COLON

Victor K. Chen, MD
Tom Fang, MD
John F. Gray, MD
Timothy Halterman, MD
Loth E. Lieberstein, MD
James M. Nachiondo, MD
Jonathan P. Pezanoski, MD

1385 Vista Lane • Carson City
(775) 884-4567

Christopher Bartlett, PA-C
Hong Gao, MD
Phillip C. Harper, MD
John H. McAfee, MD
Swaroop Pendyala, MD
Michael R. Solinger, MD
Allison W. Venner, MD



655 Sierra Rose Drive • Reno (775) 829-7600
1535 N. Los Altos Parkway • Sparks (775) 829-7600

Thomas Caves, MD
Tomas Hinojosa, MD
Sam Nourani, MD
William Pfau, MD
Jennifer Racca, MD
Paul Sheykhzadeh, DO
Ronald Sobczak, MD
George Vagujhelyi, MD
Dennis Yamamoto, MD